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New Zealand

ON ROTATION: Ruby Frost – Comeback Queen


Sound the listicle klaxon! Here are six things you can learn about Kiwi songstress Ruby Frost today.

  1. Ruby Frost is a very good pop star name, I’m sure you agree.
  2. Back in 2012 she released a nice single called “Water To Ice.” It sounded like Florence & The Machine meets The Naked & Famous ie. shouty & catchy electro-pop.
  3. She was on the judging panel of the first season of X Factor NZ along with Melanie Blatt of All Saints fame. Girl power! etc.
  4. Frost’s back with a brand new single called “Comeback Queen,” a drum-and-bassy youth-pop number. It was co-produced by Harry Sommerdahl (Robyn, The Saturdays).
  5. “Hooked on love since 17, you could say I’m comeback queen” is a good pop lyric.
  6. This will sound especially good on the speakers of an H&M or Uniqlo.

Have a listen below via the (naturally) ’90s-styled music video.

Buy the single on iTunes (out in New Zealand only for now).
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LISTEN: Kimbra – 90’s Music


Don’t be fooled by the title of Kimbra‘s new one. Yes, “90’s Music” does pay tribute to the ongoing ’90s nostalgia, shamelessly name-dropping Aaliyah, Nirvana, Mariah Carey, R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige and TLC all in the space of one verse. Sonically, it’s utterly bonkers. The future-funk production is courtesy of Kimbra herself and producer Rich Costey, and apparently Matt Bellamy (Muse) & Mark Foster (Foster The People) also snuck in on the track. On first listen it’s a madcap racket that sits comfortably alongside the output of alt-R&B greats like Erykah Badu, Little Dragon and Janelle Monae. Conveniently, Kimbra is having a joint Australian tour with Ms. Monae soon.


STREAM: Kimbra – 90’s Music

She’s wack and she knows it.
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REMIXED: Kimbra Gets The Space-Disco Treatment From Prins Thomas

“Something In The Way You Are” is easily the best of the batch of new songs on Kimbra‘s US release of “Vows”. It’s a straightforward, catchy midtempo pop number that makes good use of a recycled Lil’ Mama beat. What I didn’t see coming is a remix from Nordic space-disco wiz Prins Thomas. Have a listen below.


STREAM: Kimbra – Something In The Way You Are (Prins Thomas Discomiks)

Watch the literally bonkers video for her latest single “Come Into My Head” after the jump.



Covercentric: She’s So Rad Reinterpret Twin Peaks & Julee Cruise

I won’t object to a nice Twin Peaks and NZ indie-rock band She’s So Rad did just the trick with their cover of the David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti kitschy dream-pop tune “Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart”, balancing fuzzy guitars with candy-coated vocals in the same spirit of Julee Cruise. If you like The Raveonettes, then you oughta like She’s So Rad.


MP3: She’s So Rad – Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart (Twin Peaks/Julee Cruise Cover)


It also reminds me of another Twin Peaks fuzz-pop makeover of the theme song “Falling” by Girls Names, released back in 2010.

More on She’s So Rad.

LISTEN: OPOSSOM – Getaway Tonight

OPOSSOM is the latest project of Kiwi musician Kody Nielson. While I’m not overtly familiar with his former band The Mint Chicks, I really enjoy his work with Bic Runga on her new album, so I decided to check this out. Admittedly, lo-fi garage/surf-pop’s not exactly my usual cup of tea, but to my surprise, I do find “Getaway Tonight” quite likeable. It’s a lightweight, spacey and sweet psych-pop ditty that would totally fit in on a night-out playlist, and it’s destined to be on a car commercial soon. Grab the mp3 below.


Download the track for free on Bandcamp.


Watch the space-themed music video here.
The album entitled “Electric Hawaii” drops April 21.
More on OPOSSOM.

Say Hello To Bic Runga Again

Last I heard from Kiwi singer/songwriter Bic Runga, she was making freeform psych-pop jams with The Mint Chicks frontman Kody Nielson as Kody & Bic, and giving them away on Bandcamp. I was not too fond of it, and thankfully, it appeared to be a short-lived side project. Bic is set for a proper comeback this November with her first studio album in 6 years, entitled “Belle”. It only took one listen to the lead single “Hello Hello” to remind me just how much I missed her voice, and how glad I am to finally hear something new from her. The track harks back to her “Beautiful Collision” days, with an uplifting, autumnal melody, albeit with a folkier tinge. It is a lovely re-introducion to Bic’s music, and also as good a start for those new to hers. Watch the music video, or stream “Hello Hello” right below. To be honest, I can’t wait to hear the rest!


STREAM: Bic Runga – Hello Hello

“Belle” is out on November 14. Bic will be going on a church tour in NZ soon.
Buy her new single (if you’re in NZ, that is).
More on Bic.