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LISTEN: OPOSSOM – Getaway Tonight

OPOSSOM is the latest project of Kiwi musician Kody Nielson. While I’m not overtly familiar with his former band The Mint Chicks, I really enjoy his work with Bic Runga on her new album, so I decided to check this out. Admittedly, lo-fi garage/surf-pop’s not exactly my usual cup of tea, but to my surprise, I do find “Getaway Tonight” quite likeable. It’s a lightweight, spacey and sweet psych-pop ditty that would totally fit in on a night-out playlist, and it’s destined to be on a car commercial soon. Grab the mp3 below.


Download the track for free on Bandcamp.


Watch the space-themed music video here.
The album entitled “Electric Hawaii” drops April 21.
More on OPOSSOM.

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