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Popforward: War Of Words


It is quite sad to hear that War Of Words are no more. The protégés of Ben Langmaid (aka La Roux’s other half), the short-lived British alt-pop duo only managed to put out 2 songs (4, if you count the remixes) on the Popjustice Hi-Fi label before finally calling it a day. And such good songs they were. “Battleground” is my favorite out of the two. Despite being an umpteenth attempt at recreating another “Unfinished Sympathy”, it was a well-written heartfelt tune that showcased their soulful ’90s dance-diva throwback sound best. I always thought the girls had raw potential not fully realized yet. While they certainly have fantastic powerhouse pipes, I wasn’t entirely convinced on their image: they didn’t have a conventional malleable pop-star look, but didn’t find a quite right styling either, and they seem to have zero presence in their videos (which I’m not sure is premeditated or not). Still, it was clear the band was still in the early stages and I was genuinely waiting for more to come. It’s a shame we lost yet another promising but ill-fated female pop duo (RIP Mini Viva, Oh My!). Hopefully, we’ll still have Icona Pop to root for…


STREAM: War Of Words – Battleground



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NEW VIDEO: La Roux – In For The Kill (US Version)

La Roux and her mighty quiff are back with a brand new video for “In For The Kill”, intended for the US audience. Here are some quick thoughts regarding this version: