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REMIXED: Patrick Wolf – Time Of My Life (Hurts Remix)

Let me preface this post by admitting that even though I appreciate what he does, Patrick Wolf just happens to be one of those artists I couldn’t quite get into, not for lack of trying. I thought this would change, as he calmed down a bit now and went new romantic on his new album, but I still haven’t become a full-time supporter just yet. With that said, I do believe that “Time Of My Life” is easily one of the best things he’s put his name to. It’s a truly heartfelt declaration of happiness, with a sumptuous arrangement consisting of swirling strings, blissful guitar strums and handclaps. An exquisite piece of work it really is, which is why I’m glad it will be re-released as the next single off “Lupercalia”. The previously vinyl-only single will now come with an upcoming music video, and also this brand new remix by Hurts. The duo gave a pulsating rework of the song, which remained celebratory, albeit with more of an edge. Download the remix, and stream the original below.


MP3: Patrick Wolf – Time Of My Life (Hurts Remix)

Patrick Wolf – Time Of My Life


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Merry Tunes, Pt. 1

Apparently, there has been an avalanche of new holiday music this year. This post is my attempt to round up all the free nice tunes, but there’s so much I have to split it up in 2 parts. Hopefully, these music selections might soundtrack your holiday break well, or least, make it more bearable.


MUSIC VIDEO ROUNDUP: Duffy, Hurts, James Blake, Cocknbullkid & More

It has been an exceptional week for new music videos. So many good ones! Here’s all my picks in one post, so if there’s any you haven’t seen, you’d better catch up!


The warbling pint-sized Welsh lady is back! This video is such a fun watch. Duffy seems to be having a blast and enjoying herself. The song is very catchy, but I can’t fully endorse it yet. I’m afraid the novelty will wear off soon, and I keep expecting the C+C Music Factory man to jump in and scream “Everybody Dance Now”. “Well Well Well” is the lead single off her upcoming sophomore effort “Endlessly”, which I assume will have a fair share of moody ballads, too.



The men went to Iceland to shoot the video, and the trip definitely paid off. I haven’t seen that location since Bjork’s “Who Is It”. Even though the execution could have been better, the video is close to what I imagined, and there’s plenty of pensive zoom-in shots to match the overblown melodrama. I admit I have mixed feelings toward the duo, as I start to wonder whether Hurts is just the new Lighthouse Family of this decade… And is it just me or Theo sounds like David Gray at times? Anyway, there’s a Italoconnection remix of “Better Than Love” that was only released in Italy, and it’s 5 minutes of italo disco perfection that has to be heard. Sally Shapiro fans will like this.


Covercentric: Kylie vs. Hurts

Well, they seem to take up with each other well. First, Kylie lended her vocals on Hurts’ album track “Devotion.” Then Hurts covered “Confide In Me” for The Sun’s Biz Sessions. Now Kylie returned the favor by singing Hurts’ “Wonderful Life” on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. It’s almost certain these three are gonna be tour mates, too. Artist-to-artist companionship FTW.

Kylie’s take on “Wonderful Life” is an acoustic ballad with some rather lovely strings. It’s very nice of her to pick this track and give the band a little more exposure. Check out her version, and Hurts’ fantastic cover of “Confide In Me” after the jump.