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REMIXED: Acid House Kings’ “This Heart Is A Stone” Revisited By Friends And Fans

Swedish indie-pop veterans Acid House Kings have been enjoying a resurgence lately. They just reissued most of their back catalogue, as well as invited friends and fans to remix their most popular track “This Heart is a Stone” (it was on a Korean ice cream commercial featuring Drew Barrymore don’t cha know). Out of the whopping number of 12 remixes, here are my two cherry picks. The Perfect Nines mix goes for the jangly C86 Sarah Records sound which I adore, while the Sunny Intervals opt for relaxing Sunday-morning vibes. Both give a fresh take on the original without straying too far from its roots. Have a lovely listen below.


MP3: Acid House Kings – This Heart is a Stone (Perfect Nines Mix)

STREAM: Acid House Kings – This Heart is a Stone (Sunny Intervals Remix)


Stream the entire collection of mixes on Labrador’s Soundcloud.
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REMIXED: Acid House Kings – Would You Say Stop (Invisible Twin Remix)

I was sent this remix for Acid House Kings‘ new single “Would You Say Stop” by Labrador a couple days ago, along with a Foxbase Alpha name-check. All I have to say is the reference was spot-on. Invisible Twin has somehow recaptured that early 90’s Saint Etienne sound lovingly. Plus I’m pretty sure this is the first official Acid House Kings remix ever, so it’s a pleasantly unexpected treat. Maybe they can live up to their namesake and get an actual acid house remix?
If you’re into indie pop, then their new album, “Music Sounds Better With You”, is an essential listen. I’m amazed at how they can still effortlessly churn out catchy little tunes after all these years. You can get the dubby remix, and the cheery original below.


MP3: Acid House Kings – Would You Say Stop? (Invisible Twin Remix)

MP3: Acid House Kings – Would You Say Stop?


Watch the video for the single.
Buy “Music Sounds Better With You”.
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