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Covercentric: Kylie vs. Hurts

Well, they seem to take up with each other well. First, Kylie lended her vocals on Hurts’ album track “Devotion.” Then Hurts covered “Confide In Me” for The Sun’s Biz Sessions. Now Kylie returned the favor by singing Hurts’ “Wonderful Life” on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. It’s almost certain these three are gonna be tour mates, too. Artist-to-artist companionship FTW.

Kylie’s take on “Wonderful Life” is an acoustic ballad with some rather lovely strings. It’s very nice of her to pick this track and give the band a little more exposure. Check out her version, and Hurts’ fantastic cover of “Confide In Me” after the jump.


Popforward: Still Corners

London-based band Still Corners is quickly becoming one of my favorite new acts, and for all the right reasons, too. The band combines ethereal vocals on reverb with ’60s pop sensibilities to create hazy, haunting dream-pop of the highest order. “Endless Summer” sounds like the Twin Peaks soundtrack married to the pounding “Be My Baby” beats. The b-side to their new 7″ single “Don’t Fall In Love”, “I Wish”, is an all-too-fleeting, beautiful acoustic track, with a gorgeous retro-looking video. Their music would sound perfect in late summer, but perhaps it’s still not too late to enjoy it in the cold sunshine. I’m really impressed with their output so far, hopefully, a full-length album will be on the horizon soon. Watch the video for “I Wish”, and sample 2 songs after the jump.


Covercentric: Friendly Fires Reinterprets Depeche Mode for Gucci Guilty Fragrance

Okay I tell myself not to focus solely on covers but this one is too good to ignore. Apparently, British band Friendly Fires had covered Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove” to soundtrack the new Gucci Guilty perfume commercial, starring Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans. The ultra-stylish, sexy advert is directed by Frank Miller. So much name-dropping! Previously, Gucci commissioned Roisin Murphy to cover Bryan Ferry’s “Slave To Love”, and let Chris Cunningham remix Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”. They certainly have an impeccable taste in music.


Covercentric: Sunday Girl Does Ke$ha

Sunday Girl, aka miss Jade Williams, has been on my pop watchlist for quite some time. Both her singles “Four Floors” and “Self Control” (a Laura Brannigan cover) are highly replay-able electro-pop music. To generate some “viral buzz”, she has recorded an acoustic cover of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok”. I normally can’t stand Ke$ha’s music (bar “Your Love Is My Drug”, only for the awesome 808 drum bits), but Jade made it work. She’s got such a lovely voice, even though she still needs some work on her higher register… Video & mp3 after the jump.


Covercentric: Ingrid Michaelson Takes Back Her “Parachute”

Bespectacled singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson has decided to unleash her version of Cheryl Cole‘s monster hit “Parachute” on iTunes US. The twist is… she actually wrote the song! So technically, it’s not a cover, but in some ways it is *head explodes*. Now it would be predictable had she gone for the obvious acoustic route, but the result is somewhere between her old output and Cheryl’s super polished production, thus it just feels somewhat half-baked. Unfortunately, as pleasant as it is, Ingrid’s “Parachute” is bound to pale in comparison with Cheryl’s, since most are so used to the latter. It might just work for US radios, though, since Cheryl is virtually unknown Stateside (well, up to now, if those reports of her joining US X Factor are true, in which case, yikes). I suppose that’s Ingrid’s aim anyway, and she might just get away with it! Stream the song below.


Covercentric: Tricky Does Britney

Not like that, pervs! The once trip-hop maestro has reinterpreted Britney’s “Piece Of Me” as a b-side to his new single “Murder Weapon” (which is also a cover itself). It’s a peculiar, but not totally unexpected move, as he had covered Kylie’s “Slow” before. It appears Tricky has a thing for petite pop stars with minimalist electropop tunes. Featuring the vocals of Franky Riley, Tricky’s version is a reggae-lite rework that clocks just over 2 minutes. It’s not likely to replace Britney’s original, but it’s certainly an interesting take. Get the cover below.


Popforward: Katy B

If you live in the UK, chances are you’ve heard of Katy B‘s popped-up-dubstep hit “Katy On A Mission.” She’s just the latest female talent to emerge from Britain, the poster girl for the mainstream breakthrough of dubstep. Her voice sounds like a mixture between Lily Allen and Joss Stone (she even looks like Joss’ little sister). Personally, I prefer the b-side “Louder”, in which she adorably sings the title as “Looooouuu-ddduuuurrr“. Her next single is a collaboration with Magnetic Man, the mindblowing “Perfect Stranger”. Seriously, with the right radio edit, this deserves to be a huge number one! I love the hopeless optimism in the way she sings the chorus with a hint of wistfulness. It’s an amazing club tune with a dark edge, and one that will definitely be on my year-end list. Her image is also quite refreshing in these times of sequin frocks and funny wigs. It’s all about the voice and the beats.
I am thrilled to hear more from her, and glad that she has gone so far without the backing of the BBC “Sound of” poll. The video for “Perfect Stranger”, shot in Romania, is a stunning black-and-white affair that’s reminiscent of those big-budget electronica videos in the ’90s. You can either watch the video or stream the tune below.


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