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Kiesza Delivers Emotive Cover of Haddaway’s “What Is Love”

Current UK #1 single champion (and deservingly so) Kiesza is keeping the momentum going by dropping a cover of Haddaway‘s ’90s club classic “What Is Love”. Yes it’s a bit of an obvious choice, but also not what you probably expected (it’s done in an emotive piano ballad style). The Canadian singer gets to show off her vocal chops here, and the beautiful strings towards the end really class it up. Check out her pensive cover below, and watch the self-directed video via NME.


STREAM: Kiesza – What Is Love (Haddaway Cover)

And just for extra content engagement I’m gonna squeeze in two cool remixes of “Hideaway” by Gorgon City and Zac Samuel.

You can buy “Hideway” on iTunes US now, so get to it!
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Popforward: Kiesza


At the moment I’m properly obsessed with the ’90s house revival, and so is Britain apparently. Kiesza‘s debut single ‘Hideaway’ happens to capitalize on this trend, but still feels fresh and 100% ready for Radio 1’s A list.
High on joy and energy, ‘Hideaway’ is an uplifting, big-lunged dance-athon with positive vibez for days. Gorgon City are already on board for a remix so this has the potential to blow up very soon.
The accompanying video is a DIY one-take affair with appropriately anachronistic attire and choreography. It looks like something Lady Gaga circa ‘Stefani Germanotta’ could have done for kicks had she remembered to have fun.
Kiesza is Canadian, but spent some time in New York and now resides in London. Ladies and gents, say hi to your new fave globe-trotting pop star!



‘Hideaway’ is out March 23.
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Stars Offer Free EP “Far From Home”, Cover The Smiths’ “Asleep”


My favorite Canadian indie-pop band Stars were responsible for one of the most infectiou songs of 2012, with the equally amazing title “Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It”. The Montreal-based quintet just generously put up a free EP entitled “Far From Hold”, featuring alternate “Breakglass” versions of album tracks from their latest “The North”, as well as a cover of The Smiths‘ b-side “Asleep”. The latter was actually recorded back in 2010 for a charity children’s music album called “Sing Me To Sleep – Indie Lullabies”. Suffice to say their intimate, low-key take on the song won’t just appeal to hip babies!


MP3: Stars – Asleep (The Smiths Cover)


Check out the whole EP on Soundcloud.
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Popforward: New Look

Sometimes great visuals can enhance a song to another level. Such is the case with Canadian/NYC-based duo New Look‘s “The Ballad”. Is it just me or both the song and the video are quite David Lynch-ian? It helps that singer Sarah Ruba looks a bit like Milla Jollovich, too. The stark, clinical beats and synths contrasts against her voice and the lyrics, which are like a gentle, consoling pat on the back, though distant, awash, and weary. I highly recommend watching the video first, as it sets up and maintains the mood suitably.



Their dark, atmospheric synth-pop sound is probably too chilling for July, but it will soundtrack grey days and rainy nights perfectly. An album is due this fall on German label !K7. Hopefully there will be more of the same ilk to come.

The video uses a shorter edit, which keeps the song condensed enough. Personally, I prefer it to the full version, which adds 2 extra minutes.

New Look – The Ballad

MP3: New Look – Numbers

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Covercentric: Paper Bag Records Pays Tribute To Madonna’s “True Blue”

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Madonna‘s 1986 album “True Blue”, Canadian indie label Paper Bag Records has called upon their roster to cover the album in its entirety. The best part is they’re giving it away for free, in return for your email address. I haven’t heard all the tracks, but the acts seemed to be having fun recording them. My favorite cover so far is the Montreal-based band Winter Gloves‘ reading of her sugar-sweet single “True Blue”. They brought the song closer to its ’60s pop spirit, and sprinkled it with synths and a special saxophone solo! A lovely listen. Check out the cover below, and get the album if you’re interested. Now if only they could have roped in Sally Shapiro to contribute…


MP3: Winter Gloves – True Blue (Madonna Cover)


Stream the entire album on Soundcloud.
Download the free album here.

Covercentric: Serena Ryder Does Jordin Sparks

Canadian singer/songwriter Serena Ryder and her band, The Beauties, have transformed American Idol alumna Jordin Sparks’ hit “No Air” into something that could be straight out of the Twin Peaks soundtrack! Log lady will approve. This interesting low-key reinterpretation was first released on the deluxe edition of her album “Is This OK” in 2009. Now, it will be collected on a limited edition 12″ EP, along with 3 other covers of Band Of Horses (“The Funeral”, on which she sounds like Cat Power), Hank Williams (“Rambling Man”), and Kylie (“Slow” – a rocky take with bassline). Quite an eclectic array of selections there! Her reason for these covers is refreshingly honest, too: to get shows in England. You can stream all the tracks here, or just try her version of “No Air” below.


MP3: Serena Ryder & The Beauties – No Air (Jordin Sparks Cover)

Buy the album.
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