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Poprewind: Paola

Here at Pop Labyrinth, we love to discover new acts as well as to unearth rare, forgotten gems from time to time. Our new  feature, Poprewind, is aimed to serve the latter’s purpose.

Not a lot is to be found of Paola Bruna on the interwebs. She released one sole album “Stockcity Girl” in 2002 that seems to have gone largely unnoticed, and these days, she… paints. In fact, only after finding out that Robyn‘s anthemic “Hang With Me” was actually a pseudo-cover of Paola’s, did I try to seek out her music. In its original form, the song was produced by her ex-husband, Robyn’s producer Klas Ahlund. Not present are the synth arpeggios, thumping beats and the soaring chorus, instead, it was simply a lovely ditty about the yearning for human connection. It’s certainly fascinating to discover the transformation of “Hang With Me” from this early take to Robyn’s. “Interstellar Love” is a lush downtempo pop tune, a great addition to any nightdriving playlist, with its blippy synths and a very catchy chorus. It’s slightly ruined by the automated voice bits which remind me of those Xtranormal ones, though. Another track, “Above The Candystore”, was used in the soundtrack of Spun, an independent film starring the late Brittany Murphy and Jason Schwartzman, along with a music video for it.
Paola’s album does have its pleasant moments. The production may sound somewhat dated at times, but as far as Scandinavian pop goes, there are some real treats here. The album is almost impossible to find a physical copy now, but you can stream/buy it digitally via the link below.


MP3: Paola – Interstellar Love
MP3: Paola – Hang With Me


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