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ON ROTATION: The Proper Ornaments – Waiting For The Summer


Perfect summer indie pop alert!
The Proper Ornaments are my new favorite Soundcloud discovery. Their new single “Waiting For The Summer” is everything I wanted in a song with that title. The UK band lovingly crafts that timeless jangle-pop sound: dreamy, short and sweet, and more than ideal for a sunny day in the park. This was so good I immediately searched for all their past releases to listen. Apparently, one of the band members James Hoare is also in Veronica Falls, another favorite English indie band of mine, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Take my word for it, press play and enjoy.


STREAM: The Proper Ornaments – Waiting For The Summer


And here’s the equally lovely b-side “Candy”:

STREAM: The Proper Ornaments – Candy

Bonus points for the band name, which I presume to be an homage to a Free Design song of the same name.


“Waiting For The Summer” is out now on Lo Recordings. Their album is expected for a late summer release. In the meantime, grab a free download of a track from 2011, “Shining Bright”.

MP3: The Proper Ornaments – Shining Bright


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ON ROTATION: The Boy Least Likely To – It Could’ve Been Me


Way back in 2005, British duo The Boy Least Likely To released “Be Gentle With Me”, a perfect indie pop song with an adorable video featuring animal puppets playing instruments and a pre-Office Rashida Jones playing the manic pixie dream girl. 8 years later, for their third studio album “The Great Perhaps”, Owen & Pete Hobbs are still hopelessly twee, quietly chucking out little pop gems about the woes of love and growing up. New single “It Could’ve Been Me” is one of its (many) highlights. A duet with the ever-lovely Gwenno Saunders from The Pipettes, it finally got a suitably meet-cute music video which you can view right below. Just try not to grow anime eyes all over afterwards. You’ve been warned.



REMIXED: Acid House Kings’ “This Heart Is A Stone” Revisited By Friends And Fans

Swedish indie-pop veterans Acid House Kings have been enjoying a resurgence lately. They just reissued most of their back catalogue, as well as invited friends and fans to remix their most popular track “This Heart is a Stone” (it was on a Korean ice cream commercial featuring Drew Barrymore don’t cha know). Out of the whopping number of 12 remixes, here are my two cherry picks. The Perfect Nines mix goes for the jangly C86 Sarah Records sound which I adore, while the Sunny Intervals opt for relaxing Sunday-morning vibes. Both give a fresh take on the original without straying too far from its roots. Have a lovely listen below.


MP3: Acid House Kings – This Heart is a Stone (Perfect Nines Mix)

STREAM: Acid House Kings – This Heart is a Stone (Sunny Intervals Remix)


Stream the entire collection of mixes on Labrador’s Soundcloud.
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Popforward: Big Deal

Freshly signed to Mute, UK’s boy-girl duo Big Deal got me hooked with just one simple yet brilliant track. “Homework”, their debut single, is a pristinely beautiful acoustic track, very much in the same vein of Kings Of Convenience. It’s the perfect song for a lazy spring afternoon. The gorgeously-shot video certainly helps, too. I like the teen angst angle in their lyrics, and the intimate, minimalist approach brings to mind The XX, or a lightweight Raveonettes. So far, they have released a couple limited vinyl singles, all of which sounds really nice. If they can find the right balance between the acoustic and the fuzz for the album, they might very well become one of my favorite new acts. Watch the video for “Homework” below, and download a b-side, “Locked Up”, after the jump.


REMIXED: Acid House Kings – Would You Say Stop (Invisible Twin Remix)

I was sent this remix for Acid House Kings‘ new single “Would You Say Stop” by Labrador a couple days ago, along with a Foxbase Alpha name-check. All I have to say is the reference was spot-on. Invisible Twin has somehow recaptured that early 90’s Saint Etienne sound lovingly. Plus I’m pretty sure this is the first official Acid House Kings remix ever, so it’s a pleasantly unexpected treat. Maybe they can live up to their namesake and get an actual acid house remix?
If you’re into indie pop, then their new album, “Music Sounds Better With You”, is an essential listen. I’m amazed at how they can still effortlessly churn out catchy little tunes after all these years. You can get the dubby remix, and the cheery original below.


MP3: Acid House Kings – Would You Say Stop? (Invisible Twin Remix)

MP3: Acid House Kings – Would You Say Stop?


Watch the video for the single.
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Those Dancing Days Return

The lovely Swedish all-girl indie pop quintet is finally back! I had been wondering what they were up to ever since hearing lead singer Linnea’s excellent collab with God Help The Girl last year. This time around, their music seems to progress to a bolder, more boisterous new-wave sound, whereas the lyrics continue to reflect the trials and tribulations of coming of age. They even have a swear word in a song title now, thanks to whichever foolish boy who pissed them off! The sophomore effort “Daydreams & Nightmares” drops February 28, and  judging from the few songs I’ve heard, it should be a quality one. If you’re new to the band, you should definitely catch up, starting with their old singles, “Hitten”, “Run Run” & “Home Sweet Home”. Then watch their latest video, “Reaching Forward” below, get a brand new track and grab another for the price of your email address.

MP3: Those Dancing Days – I’ll Be Yours

Free download of “Fuckarias”.

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Popforward: Gospel Music

Gospel Music is the new project of Black Kids bassist Owen Holmes, and of course, the name couldn’t be more misleading. Gospel Music, in fact, makes lo-fi indie pop. The first release, a self-explanatory 5-track EP, “Duettes”, was just released this week. I’ve been anticipating this ever since I saw the fun Super 8 road-trip video for “Automobile” 2 months ago. The lovely Traceyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura shared vocal duties on the track, and her oh-so-weary vocals actually worked well with Owen’s deep voice. “Automobile” is a charming, catchy ditty with a great singalong chorus in the same vein as “Young Folks”. “Automobile, take us away/ To another year, another month, another day…”. I suddenly felt the urge for a getaway. Now I’m not sure if I would want to listen to an album by him alone, but if Traceyanne officially joined as a duo, I’m sold. Get the track and watch the sunny video below.


MP3: Gospel Music – Automobile (feat. Tracyanne Campbell)


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