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NEW VIDEO: Cœur De Pirate – Golden Baby

I stumbled upon Cœur De Pirate‘s music in passing before, but the Canadian chanteuse’s new single “Golden Baby” is possibly my new favorite song of hers. It is sleek and lush retro-pop, set to a cool music video that’s like Teenage Dream gone supernatural. Among the things featured are exploding candies, flying plates, man on fire and the Northern lights. That it’s in French and I don’t quite understand what she sings just gives it that extra foreign appeal. “Golden Baby” is from her second album, “Blonde”, released last year.



STREAM: Cœur De Pirate – Golden Baby


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LISTEN: Charlotte Gainsbourg – Out Of Touch

Charlotte Gainsbourg‘s set to release “Stage Whisper”, a double-album collection of live and previously unreleased tracks on December 13. You might have heard preceding single “Memoir”, and her terrific stab at electro-pop “Terrible Angels”. The latest track to surface, “Out Of Touch”, however, is no grand departure for the French singer/actress. Bridging between her past works with Air and Beck, it’s a breezy, dreamy, elegantly-arranged number that she so effortlessly carries. But of course, that’s to be expected when you’re legit music royalty. I can’t help but get drawn to everything she does.


STREAM: Charlotte Gainsbourg – Out Of Touch


You can listen to another track, the funky Beck-produced, brilliantly-titled “Paradisco” at Pitchfork, and a live version of “Set Yourself On Fire” (not a Stars cover) at Air France’s Facebook page.

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And if you haven’t already, make sure to watch the video for “Terrible Angels”, in which Charlotte turned into the coolest unlikely pop star, bursting some killer moves in a grim parking garage.