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LISTEN: Fallulah – He’ll Break Up With You When Summer Comes

Danish songstress Fallulah is back with a brand new track, “He’ll Break Up With You When Summer Comes”. It’s a beautifully arranged, delicate alt-folk-pop number, with Fallulah delivering some choice words to Mr. Ex in the bridge in a rather calm manner. She makes summer postbreakup sound like a picnic by the lake, which is how it should be.


You can download the track for free here in return for your email address.


Here’s a lovely outdoor live performance for your viewing pleasure.


And while her new album isn’t coming out until 2013, us Americans can finally get a hold of her debut, as “The Black Cat Neighbourhood” is set to drop on August 21 on MBM Records, with fall tour dates to follow. I’d love to see her when she stops by New York!

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Covercentric: Fallulah Takes On The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Danish songstress Fallulah stopped by Dermot O’Leary’s show on BBC Radio 2 yesterday to perform a live session, which included a special folky rendition of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Gold Lion”. I never thought about how the song would sound like with banjos and accordions, but she and the band did a splendid job covering it! Apparently, her debut UK single is “I Lay My Head”, out in late August, and the album “The Black Cat Neighbourhood” should follow by next year, even though it’s been out in Denmark for a while now. She said she’s not even signed in Britain yet, but I suppose this will be rectified soon. Stream/download the cover below, and check out two of her latest videos after the jump.


MP3: Fallulah – Gold Lion (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover)


Popforward: Fallulah

She’s Danish, she’s kooky, and she makes delightful eclectic pop songs. Fallulah‘s music is like a mix of Jenny Wilson, Lykke Li, and Fever Ray rolled into one. She caught my attention after I saw the beautiful Martin-De-Thurah-directed music video for her new single “Give A Little Love”. The track ticks all the right boxes for me, with its pulsating handclaps, glockenspiels, and spiralling double-choruses. Her debut album, “The Black Cat Neighbourhood”, came out back in February in her home country, where “I Lay My Head” was her previous single. It appears I’m “a bit” behind, then! I’ve looked up her other videos on Youtube, and they’re just as good. She is definitely one to watch out for.

MP3: Fallulah – Give Us A Little Love

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