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Popforward: Mint Julep

Keith Kenniff is known to most electronic fans as the man behind Helios and Goldmund. Far from the former’s beautiful downtempo soundscapes or the latter’s minimal neo-classical compositions, Mint Julep has long been served as an outlet for his pop experiments. A project by Keith and his wife Hollie, Mint Julep leans toward shoegazing, ambient dream-pop (…dreamgaze?). The Portland-based duo’s new single “Aviary” is probably their poppiest track to date. With reverbed, softly-sung vocals and an atmospheric mood, it makes great music for the changing of seasons. Just put it on while you stand by the window and gaze wistfully at the rain outside. And if you’re in the mood for a bit of post-rock, check out the 8-minute Mogwai remix. The band has kindly made both tracks available for free below. A new album, entitled “Save Your Season”, is expected soon.


MP3: Mint Julep – Aviary

MP3: Mint Julep – Aviary (Mogwai Remix)

After the jump, watch the cool music video, shot in Berlin.


REMIXED: Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Official Remixes)

Say what you will about Lana Del Rey and the controversy surrounding her, but the immense amount of genuine talent here is hard to ignore. The official remixes of “Video Games” are doing the rounds on the interwebs and I have to say, it’s quite interesting to hear her sultry, enigmatic voice in a more dance-oriented context. British-Iranian DJ Omid 16B gives the swooning, harp-laden original a dubstep treatment with squelchy bass, while White Lies‘ rework opts for a space-rave sound. Stream both below.


Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Omid 16B Remix)

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (White Lies Remix)


Stream one more remix by Mr. Fingers here.

Pre-order Video Games EP, out on October 16.
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NEW VIDEO: Kings of Convenience – Me in You

Are you still clinging to what little’s left of summer sunshine? Well, the new Kings of Convenience video won’t make things easier. Here’s what Erlend & Eirik have to say about this rather unexpected present:


“This song is from Declaration of Dependence, that was released almost 2 years ago. We thought it deserved a video and 2 weeks ago the weather-forecast was good. We called up our friends (who has got some rather advanced video shooting equipment) and made this one-take video, on top of Eirik’s roof. The audio is the album-recording of the song. Bergen is not always as nice as this, but it’s days like this that makes us want to live here.”


Now that’s a lovely way to bid adieu to summer.


For the occasion, how about a nice bonus b-side? Here’s their rare cover of Badly Drawn Boy’s “Once Around The Block”, originally released on the Toxic Girl single back in 2001. That’s 10 years ago!

MP3: Kings of Convenience – Once Around The Block (Badly Drawn Boy Cover)


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LISTEN: Sunday Girl – Love U More

Nearly 8 months after releasing her last single “Stop Hey”, Sunday Girl is finally back with the follow-up. The fashionable pop star’s 4th single happens to be a cover of Sunscreem‘s 1992 trance hit “Love U More” (well there’s a Steps version, too, click at your own risk). While I’m not previously familiar with the original, her version is quite ravey, and definitely her most radio-friendly yet. I don’t mind a bit of chart-chasing action, as long as the album gets released soon! “Love U More” is out October 30.


Sunday Girl – Love U More (Sunscreem Cover)

After the jump, you can listen to her old but still delectable cover/remix of Everything Everything‘s “Photoshop Handsome”, and “Let’s Not Play Games”, her most recent collab with Martin Solveig for his new album “Smash”.


LISTEN: Amanda Mair – Doubt

Truth be told, I should have posted this track two days ago, when I wasn’t busy playing it on repeat. A fuller and poppier affair than her first track “House”, Amanda Mair‘s second single “Doubt” is without a doubt the type of indie Swede-pop number I adore: beautifully sung and arranged, addictive and infectious. She’s got a voice beyond her years, while still retaining traces of a wide-eyed youth on the brink of adulthood. Keep in mind, she’s only 16 years of age! With two amazing songs out of two, Amanda is raising the bar very high indeed.


Download a free mp3 of the track here.


The digital single is out on October 10. Be patient, the album’s slated for an early 2012 release.
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Popforward: Delilah

Meet Delilah, Britain’s latest up-and-coming post-dubstep popstress. Having lent her vocals on Chase & Status’ single “Time” before, she has finally found the time (ha..) to unleash her solo ambitions. Her first single “Go” is a quite the seducer, with an insidious, moody electronic production, on which Delilah’s voice purrs, flicks and drips sensually. I quite like how the track shamelessly nicked the verses of Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody”, Liberty-X-style, and patched on a bit of Beyoncé’s “Green Light” for the chorus too. As for the music video, she suitably vamps it up by patrolling London streets at night with a canine friend.



Even though some of her vocal affectations could be handled better, I’m intrigued by the direction she’s taking. “Breathe”, a string-addled downtempo number by way of Zero 7, is another early highlight. However, her “Go” EP seems to divide between the trip-pop sound, and plodding Sia-esque piano lounge ballads which I’m not as keen on.
Imagine a modern-day one-girl equivalent of All Saints. That’s what I’d like her to be. She’s definitely got the looks and voice to fill that void. Dear Delilah: might we have some more dark, chill, urban-tinged pop, please. Thank you.
Stream “Go” and a great drum’n’bass remix by SPY below. Then get here for a free download of “Breathe”.


Delilah – Go

Delilah – Go (SPY Remix)


Stream all her tracks on Soundcloud.
Buy the Go EP.
More on Delilah.

FREE DOWNLOAD: CocknBullKid – Dumb

Three months have passed since CocknBullKid‘s solid debut album was released, and it continues to fly under the radar, much to my bewilderment. If my previous posts still haven’t convinced you to try it out yet, maybe one more freebie wouldn’t hurt? The penultimate track on the album, “Dumb”, is now being given away, and it is a stunning slow burner. Get a good pair of headphones, and listen to Anita Blay musing on heartache as layers of synths and strings unravel beautifully. A truly underrated gem, it is.


MP3: CocknBullKid – Dumb


An official US release is still in the works, but imports are available on Amazon for good value. Watch the video her most recent (and best) single “Yellow” below.



Buy the album (if you’re in UK).
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REMIXED: Skylar Grey – Invisible (David Lynch Remix)

Would being remixed by David Lynch the sort of thing one would proudly put in bold on a press release? Because Skylar Grey totally should if she hasn’t already, considering this is only the cult director’s second remix after Duran Duran’s “Girl Panic”. It starts with the Americana ambience that pervades his works, then switches to a cool drum-machine beat and an electropop sound similar to his own music output. Lynch’s rework is certainly more interesting than the rather bland Alex-Da-Kid-produced original.


Skylar Grey – Invisible (David Lynch Remix)



LISTEN: Camille – L’étourderie

My favorite French madwoman, Camille Dalmais, is back to the music hole. Her fourth studio album, “Ilo Veyou”, will be released on October 3. Whereas she experimented with body percussion and English lyrics on her last one, with solid results like “Money Note” and “Gospel With No Lord”, this time around, she seems to go for the acoustic route, with the majority of the album recorded live in church chapels. The first single, “L’étourderie” (which means “thoughtlessness” in English), is a subtle but lovely taster of what’s to come. Never one to shy away from antics, Camille uploaded a special acoustic performance of the track on Youtube, in which she sings while also showing off her balancing skills! Delightfully kooky. Watch the video and stream the original below.



Camille – L’étourderie


Buy the single.
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REMIXED: Sunday Girl – Heaven (II Figures Remix)

Yesterday, the II Figures remix of a brand new Sunday Girl track “Heaven” casually premiered on We Are Hunted. It’s quite dark and melancholic-sounding, which makes me curious about what it sounds like in its original form. Does it mean this will serve as the next single? Is the single and video release for “Human Love” indefinitely shelved? That’d be a shame, since I believe that track is her best work so far. What’s going on, Jade? The wait for an album announcement is excruciating. But hey, it’s been a long time since Sunday Girl graced us with some new music, so I’m not complaining here. Download the mix below (just click on the arrow in the embed).


MP3: Sunday Girl – Heaven (II Figures Remix)

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