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LISTEN: Sunday Girl Debuts Remix Of New Song “Human Love”

British pop lark Sunday Girl sneakily put up a new song on her Soundcloud 3 weeks ago, but I only learned of its existence today. I can only blame myself. The “Alan Branch Mix” of “Human Love” is a smorgasbord of Umbrella-esque beats, faux strings, a chilled bassline and washed out synths. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, epic orchestral strings in vein of “Bittersweet Symphony” came pouring down for the last chorus. It’s wistful, trip-hoppy pop with a build-up done right. This might not be the main version for the song, which I assume will be the next single, but I definitely won’t mind if it is. Very well done, Jade.


Sunday Girl – Human Love (Alan Branch Mix)
Update: Whoops – the link was removed. I guess it was not supposed to be out yet and someone slipped up. Oh well.


While I’m anticipating her next move, this should be on mad repeat. In the meantime, you can get a tropical Young Empires remix of her Laura Branigan cover.


Bonus MP3: Sunday Girl – Self Control (Young Empires Remix)

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