Your tears don't shake my world like Britney Spears.

LISTEN: Camille – L’étourderie

My favorite French madwoman, Camille Dalmais, is back to the music hole. Her fourth studio album, “Ilo Veyou”, will be released on October 3. Whereas she experimented with body percussion and English lyrics on her last one, with solid results like “Money Note” and “Gospel With No Lord”, this time around, she seems to go for the acoustic route, with the majority of the album recorded live in church chapels. The first single, “L’étourderie” (which means “thoughtlessness” in English), is a subtle but lovely taster of what’s to come. Never one to shy away from antics, Camille uploaded a special acoustic performance of the track on Youtube, in which she sings while also showing off her balancing skills! Delightfully kooky. Watch the video and stream the original below.



Camille – L’étourderie


Buy the single.
More on Camille.


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