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REMIXED: Patrick Wolf – Time Of My Life (Hurts Remix)

Let me preface this post by admitting that even though I appreciate what he does, Patrick Wolf just happens to be one of those artists I couldn’t quite get into, not for lack of trying. I thought this would change, as he calmed down a bit now and went new romantic on his new album, but I still haven’t become a full-time supporter just yet. With that said, I do believe that “Time Of My Life” is easily one of the best things he’s put his name to. It’s a truly heartfelt declaration of happiness, with a sumptuous arrangement consisting of swirling strings, blissful guitar strums and handclaps. An exquisite piece of work it really is, which is why I’m glad it will be re-released as the next single off “Lupercalia”. The previously vinyl-only single will now come with an upcoming music video, and also this brand new remix by Hurts. The duo gave a pulsating rework of the song, which remained celebratory, albeit with more of an edge. Download the remix, and stream the original below.


MP3: Patrick Wolf – Time Of My Life (Hurts Remix)

Patrick Wolf – Time Of My Life


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