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Say Hello To Bic Runga Again

Last I heard from Kiwi singer/songwriter Bic Runga, she was making freeform psych-pop jams with The Mint Chicks frontman Kody Nielson as Kody & Bic, and giving them away on Bandcamp. I was not too fond of it, and thankfully, it appeared to be a short-lived side project. Bic is set for a proper comeback this November with her first studio album in 6 years, entitled “Belle”. It only took one listen to the lead single “Hello Hello” to remind me just how much I missed her voice, and how glad I am to finally hear something new from her. The track harks back to her “Beautiful Collision” days, with an uplifting, autumnal melody, albeit with a folkier tinge. It is a lovely re-introducion to Bic’s music, and also as good a start for those new to hers. Watch the music video, or stream “Hello Hello” right below. To be honest, I can’t wait to hear the rest!


STREAM: Bic Runga – Hello Hello

“Belle” is out on November 14. Bic will be going on a church tour in NZ soon.
Buy her new single (if you’re in NZ, that is).
More on Bic.


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