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LISTEN: Kasper Bjørke – Deep Is The Breath

Every now and then I come across a gem from out of the blue, and this is definitely a keeper. Kasper Bjørke is a Danish DJ/producer who has done remixes for the likes of Moby, Trentemøller and The Ting Tings. He also happens to look like Erlend Øye’s doppelganger. His latest single “Deep Is The Breath” is a fantastic pastiche of ’80s synth-pop in the veins of Human League, down to the male/female “call and response” -styled vocals handled by Jacob Bellens and Emma Acs. The melodies sound odd at first, but will eventually worm their way in. It’s retro-minded pop done so well, it could have easily come out 30 years ago and become a hit. Sweet one.


STREAM: Kasper Bjørke – Deep Is The Breath (with Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs)

There’s a music video too but it’s quite boring, unfortunately.


Kasper Bjørke’s new album “Fool” is out now worldwide. Buy it on iTunes.
More on Kasper.


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