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NEW VIDEO: Florrie – Shot You Down

British DIY popstrel Florrie recently unveiled a music video for the best cut off her new Late EP , “Shot You Down”. The black-and-white affair is simple but stunning, featuring Florrie doing what she does best: singing, drumming, and looking gorgeous. Triple threat, as one would say. For me the song itself epitomises the Florrie sound – built on repetition and progression, somewhere in between club remixes and not quite fully fledged pop songs, but still insanely catchy and meticulously produced. As “Late” is her last self-released EP, I can’t wait to see which major label she will sign to, and what she has in store for us. And let’s not forget about that much-teased Annie duet! It’s exciting times to be a Florrie fan, and it’s not too late to join the club!



STREAM: Florrie – Shot You Down


Buy her new EP.
More on Florrie.

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