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REMIXED: Katy B – Broken Record (Jacques Greene Remix)

Katy B, UK’s rising pop star and dubstep poster girl, will be releasing her third single “Broken Record” on March 29. It’s a grower that gets better with every play and every time the drum-and-bass beats kick in. So far, everything I’ve heard from her has been so fresh and exciting, I will be majorly disappointed if the album’s anything less than amazing. The remix package is also very strong, especially the Jacques Greene version. It’s currently available as a freebie on Amazon UK, but you can also grab it here. It seems the ’90s electronic subgenre revival is well underway, what with quite a few throwback garage/jungle/dnb remixes popping up lately. Vertigo-inspired(?) video embedded below.


MP3: Katy B – Broken Record (Jacques Greene Remix)


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