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Covercentric: Trespassers William Release Rarities Comp

Rather out of the blue, Seattle-based dream-pop/shoegaze band Trespassers William just released a collection of rarities, consisting of unreleased covers, remixes, and alternate takes, on Bandcamp. It’s one for the loyal fans, but not to be missed is their much-coveted (well, for me) cover of The Innocence Mission’s “Tomorrow On The Runway”. It was recorded for a tribute compilation that was eventually shelved, and remained unreleased until now. Both Karen Peris and Anna-Lynne Williams are two favorite vocalists of mine, and the original is the sort of unbearably beautiful folk song that, for lack of a better expression, can make grown men cry. So the idea of Trespassers William covering this particular song is just too good to be true.


The band had also recorded their version of Muppets tune “The Rainbow Connection” as a sweet little lullaby. Stream/free download below.