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FOUNDSOUNDS: Plastic Plates – Stay In Love (feat. Sam Sparro)


Here’s a name I bet you haven’t heard of for while: Sam Sparro. He was like the Sam Smith of 2008. Yes, it’s been 6 years since “Black and Gold”. Let that seep in.
I was just alerted to his recent collaboration with fellow Aussie Plastic Plates, a track called “Stay In Love”. It’s an on-trend laidback house number, and Sam’s soulful vocals go down easy. It was quietly released on iTunes back in February and managed to slip under my radar until now. A jam and a half, you may agree.


STREAM: Plastic Plates – Stay In Love (feat. Sam Sparro)


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LISTEN: Sam Sparro – Last Night (feat. Róisín Murphy)

Pop mad hatter Róisín Murphy has joined forces with that guy that sang “Black & Gold” for a midtempo funky boudoir jam called “Last Night”. The freshly leaked collaboration was rumoured to be on the deluxe edition of Sam Sparro‘s new album “Return to Paradise”. Honestly I found this to be a bit bland and cringeworthy, but then some new Róisín is still better than no Róisín. Sam Sparro’s output has always been mostly miss for me except “Black & Gold” which is a classic, and I’m not feeling his new ’70s disco direction much either. Róisín, on the other hand, got to add yet another bulletpoint to her longlist of collaborations with everyone from David Byrne to The Feeling. At this point her featured tracks are probably enough to fill a full-length album and some. Still no solo music news in sight though *sighs*.


STREAM: Sam Sparro – Last Night (feat. Róisín Murphy)


Hear her other recent guest vocal stint on David Morales’ “Golden Era”. Sam Sparro’s new album is out now in UK.

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