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Keren Ann Returns With “101”

My name is trouble, my first name’s a mess,” sings Keren Ann. After a break, the Israeli-born singer is back, sporting a noir-ish bob cut and readying a new album, “101”. The lead single, “My Name Is Trouble”, got her playing the role of a cold-blooded temptress who coos dreamy melodies. It’s a sorta new sound for her, but is still in the same vein of her previous works – elegant, sophisticated pop. The album will drop on March 22 in the US, and if it happens to follow the same ’60s spy-film vibe of this track, I will certainly be anticipating. You can stream “My Name Is Trouble” in full below. In case you’re not familiar with her music, I recommend checking out a few of my favorites, “Lay Your Head Down”, Not Going Anywhere, & “Sailor & Widow”.

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