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Popforward: Gospel Music

Gospel Music is the new project of Black Kids bassist Owen Holmes, and of course, the name couldn’t be more misleading. Gospel Music, in fact, makes lo-fi indie pop. The first release, a self-explanatory 5-track EP, “Duettes”, was just released this week. I’ve been anticipating this ever since I saw the fun Super 8 road-trip video for “Automobile” 2 months ago. The lovely Traceyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura shared vocal duties on the track, and her oh-so-weary vocals actually worked well with Owen’s deep voice. “Automobile” is a charming, catchy ditty with a great singalong chorus in the same vein as “Young Folks”. “Automobile, take us away/ To another year, another month, another day…”. I suddenly felt the urge for a getaway. Now I’m not sure if I would want to listen to an album by him alone, but if Traceyanne officially joined as a duo, I’m sold. Get the track and watch the sunny video below.


MP3: Gospel Music – Automobile (feat. Tracyanne Campbell)


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