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NEW SINGLE: Club 8 – Closer Now

One of my favorite Swedish bands ever, Club 8, will be releasing a brand-new single, “Closer Now”, in late November. It’s an extension of their latest album “The People’s Record.” Since the band pretty much mastered the art of crafting melancholy indie pop with “The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming”, I’m glad they went ahead and explored another direction. The new sound, which is more upbeat, funkier with dense Afro polyrhythms, was a breath of fresh air. My favorite track from that album, “Dancing With The Mentally Ill”, is as brilliant as the title suggests. For the first time, a Club 8 song makes me want to actually get up and dance without reservation! Over the years, Johan and Karolina has experimented with so many different sounds, and still that wistful, sentimental quality that makes them so special remains. “The People’s Record” is certainly an album indie-pop fans should not sleep on. You can download “Closer Now” and the album’s first single “Western Hospitality” below.


MP3: Club 8 – Closer Now
MP3:  Club 8 – Western Hospitality


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