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MUSIC VIDEO ROUNDUP: Lissie, Brandon Flowers & Uffie

Lissie – Everywhere I Go

I first heard of Lissie when “Everywhere I Go” was featured as the swansong of Joss Whedon’s short-lived cult tv show “Dollhouse”. Since then, she certainly has gone far, having released a debut album and found moderate success in the UK. “Everywhere I Go” will now be her next UK single, in the form of a new drummed-up radio-friendly version. It’s like an “AM” companion to the “PM” original one. The gorgeous Marcus-Soderlund video has an elephant follow, um, everywhere she goes. The shot at 2:20 is my favorite. Her album “Catching A Tiger” has some pretty amazing songs, and I love her Stevie-Nicks-esque big pipes. Her “Bad Romance” cover is highly recommended.

MP3: Lissie – Everywhere I Go (Album Version)