Your tears don't shake my world like Britney Spears.

REMIXED: Usher – Climax (Diplo Bouncier Climactic Remix)

Diplo is full of surprises isn’t he? Responsible for the most unexpectedly brilliant mainstream R&B song this year, the producer adds a new touch to Usher‘s blissed-out “Climax” with a subtle but “bouncier” alternate mix. It’s sounding especially awesome for this rainy Sunday afternoon. Who’d have thought that a collaboration between Usher, Diplo, and Nico Muhly would be possible, let alone so utterly inspired? “Radiohead quiet soul”, indeed.


STREAM: Usher – Climax (Diplo Bouncier Climactic Remix)

If you want to bring the tears to the dancefloor, check out the Flosstradamus & Diplo remix below.

STREAM: Usher – Climax (Flosstradamus and Diplo Remix)

More on Diplo.

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