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Covercentric: Saint Etienne Reinterpret Beach Boys

If you happen to subscribe to Mojo Magazine, the latest issue comes with a free CD of “Pet Sounds” covers in celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Beach Boys. Saint Etienne contributed their part with a lovely version of the iconic track one “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”. It starts with a lush a cappella intro, then merges into a mellow bossa nova summer groove. It’s definitely something nice to tide me over while waiting impatiently for the new album to come out. It’s not the first time Saint Etienne covered a Beach Boys song, having done “Stevie” for another tribute compilation before.


STREAM: Saint Etienne – Wouldn’t It Be Nice (The Beach Boys Cover)


The next single is “I’ve Got Your Music”, and the new album “Words and Music by Saint Etienne” drops May 29 on Universal UK.
Pre-order the import.
More on Saint Etienne.


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