Your tears don't shake my world like Britney Spears.

Popforward: Violet

Sometimes, it is best to listen to new music point-blank, without any expectations, and that’s exactly how you should listen to the track below.

STREAM: Violet – Y.O.U.


That was well lovely, wasn’t it? It’s languid, laidback, nostalgic and lovey dovey dream-pop, reminiscent of ’90s Mazzy Star, and Beach House, for a more modern reference. It’s appropriately springtime soundtrack for a lakeside picnic.
I checked Violet out with no other information other than they’re the latest signing to cool British indie label Luv Luv Luv, and I liked it so much I had to google to find out more. Much to my surprise, it turned out Violet is in fact fronted by Pixie Geldof, whom I have only known of as an infamous socialite and tabloid fixture. I definitely didn’t see this coming! It’s easy to forget that she is technically music royalty after all. Suffice to say, I’m glad I got to hear this without my preconceptions getting in the way, because “Y.O.U.” is indeed an impressive preview of things to come.

“Y.O.U./I Come Undone” will be released as a limited 7″ on May 7 by Luv Luv Luv.

More on Violet.

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