Your tears don't shake my world like Britney Spears.

LISTEN: Queen Of Hearts – Neon

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Queen Of Hearts‘ latest offering “Neon”. A continuance on the Londoner’s one-producer-per-song thing, the John-Myers-produced track is creamy, smooth electro-pop with sweet vocals and hooks in all the right places. This is what I imagine a Rachel Stevens single would sound like in 2012, and that’s high praise! There’s also a hint of Supernature-era Goldfrapp as well. Basically it’s the best thing she put her name to. Hurrah!

STREAM: Queen Of Hearts – Neon


You can also grab a free download of the Daft-Punk-esque Lightwaves remix here.

I can’t wait to hear the other new track, the Sound-Of-Arrows-produced “Tears In The Rain” – all the signs point to another potential pop beauty.

“Neon/Tears In The Rain” is out May 19 as a double A-side digital download and limited 7″ vinyl on All Things Go Records.
Pre-order the single now.
More on Queen Of Hearts.

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