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NEW VIDEO: Rebecca & Fiona – Dance

For some reasons, I always assumed Rebecca & Fiona‘s music to be more bubblegum/clubby, what with their collaboratons with the likes of Kaskade and Adrian Lux. With that said, I’m glad I gave their new single a chance, because “Dance” actually falls more on the side of Fever Ray or iamamiwhoami. It’s nocturnal electro-pop the way I like – with an insidious bassline, beautiful synthetic strings and a slow-burning atmosphere throughout. The restraint in execution here is quite masterful, ’cause it doesn’t have to be raved up all the time. The moodily-lit visuals are a great complement to the track, too. It does make you wanna stop the car in the middle of a desolate road at night and dance away to oblivion, which is not advisable though. Check out the video & the track below. And yes, they’re Swedes.



STREAM: Rebecca & Fiona – Dance

“Dance” is off their debut album “I Love You, Man”, released in 2011.
More on Rebecca & Fiona.


One response

  1. it sounds awesome to play both the soundcloud version and the youtube version at the same time, 1.5 minutes apart. the whole thing flows if you time the beats right

    March 13, 2012 at 10:45 PM

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