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NEW VIDEO: Alex Winston – Choice Notes

For unknown reasons, I realize I never posted about Alex Winston before, despite being fascinated with her music for quite some time. After a long wait, her debut album “King Con” is finally scheduled to drop on March 6. The American popstrel has been making kooky leftfield-pop tunes since 2010, and after two fantastic singles, “Sister Wife” and “Velvet Elvis”, she’s on to scoring a hattrick with “Choice Notes”. Previously an early single, and album track on her 2011 EP, it has been given a freshened-up mix for the re-release. As for the music video, Alex went back to hometown Detroit for the shoot, and it results in a fun and cute clip. The song is possibly her most accessible track so far, with an instant sing-along chorus and feel-good plinky-plonky piano riffs. Funnily enough, I thought it was so commercial-ready, so I looked it up and apparently it was already synched for two! I’m not entirely sure about the release timing, since it always sounds more like a summer song to me. With luck, it can potentially be the new “Pack Up”.
Part of Alex’s charm is her unique voice, which is part Cocorosie, part Fever Ray meets Joanna Newsom, and of course, [insert obvious reference]. Admittedly, it’s not to everyone’s taste, and can sound shrill and grating at times, unless your ears are trained to quirky vocals for years. With that said, I like that her music is a bit spooky and eerie, with unconventional subjects, but also full of hooks. Watch the video, listen to the old version, and grab an MP3 of “Sister Wife” below.



STREAM: Alex Winston – Choice Notes (2010 version)

MP3: Alex Winston – Sister Wife


Buy her music.
More on Alex.

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