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REMIXED: Woodkid & Clams Casino Remix Lana Del Rey

I know I post about Lana Del Rey way too often, but I can’t help it, not when what’s possibly the best remix of her song has finally been unleashed. Woodkid, aka French music video director/musician Yoann Lemoine, has given “Born To Die” his own unique treatment, and it’s absolutely amazing. It deserves to be played at maximum volume for the full effect. Have a listen below!


STREAM: Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Woodkid Remix)

Clams Casino also hands in an eerie, loopy remix.

STREAM: Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Clams Casino Remix)


And I have this much to say about her SNL “disaster”: the internet can be so overdramatic. Yes, her performances were definitely not her best moment, and she sounded mannish and bleated like a sheep at times, but they are nowhere near the catastrophic level people are making them out to be. She has already proved in previous live videos that she can cut it live, all she needs is to control her nerves, work more on her onstage charisma and hone her performance skills. I couldn’t care less about the whole “authenticity” debate, as long as the music continues to be this good. Let’s reserve our judgement and wait for the album to arrive first, shall we?


More on Lana.
More on Woodkid.

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