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LISTEN: CocknBullKid – Hands

Just before Christmas, CocknBullKid‘s as-yet-unreleased album “Adolescence” surreptitiously surfaced online. I would not even have known, if the British popstrel herself hadn’t pointed it out on her Twitter, and basically condoned her fans for seeking it out. Presumably the prequel to her excellent debut album “Adulthood”, “Adolescence” consists of songs recorded back when she went by her old moniker Thecocknbullkid. Apparently this album was scrapped, but later supposedly planned for a possible release. Her old sound was certainly different then – clashing, clanging, odd but danceable electro-pop with more of a rough edge, paired with her reliably acerbic, dry-witted lyrics. One of my favorites on this album, “Hands”, sounds like a great bridge of the old and new CocknBullKid. Written with Mark Tieku (Florence + The Machine, Nicola Roberts), it’s a sweet tribute to Phil Spector, but with brash synths and a twist – an unapologetic sax solo at the end! The track and the album it’s in are a lovely curveball that I’m glad to have a chance to listen to at last.


STREAM: CocknBullKid – Hands


And just in case you might be reading this, Anita, if Nicola doesn’t want “Dance The Rain” anymore, take it back for yourself, please! It’s too good to remain a demo.

Buy her music on iTunes.
More on CocknBullKid.

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