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Popforward: SoundGirl

Of all the new girlbands popping up in UK lately, I found myself rooting for SoundGirl the most. There is just something fresh and likeable about the London-based trio that distinguishes them from the rest. Maybe it’s the girl-next-door appeal that’s part of the charm. Olivia, Izzy and Nicole appear to be just 3 teenage girls who are genuinely having fun, not at all concerned with building a hefty multimedia branding empire, or becoming overstyled tabloid figures just yet. Comparisons to Sugababes 1.0 are duly noted. Their debut single/free buzz download “I’m The Fool” was passable, but “Don’t Know Why” is the one that reveals their potential for me. While it’s not the first song to sample Carly Simon’s “Why”, the involvement of songwriter Miranda Cooper really gave it that fondly-missed Xenomania pop kick. The single might have come and gone in the charts with less recognition than expected, but it’s truly a fun summer hit that should have been. Check out the video below, and get a ’90s-styled remix after the jump.



And here’s a cool remix that could easily be a garage track beamed straight from 1999!
MP3: SoundGirl – Don’t Know Why (Mike Delinquent Radio Edit)


“Don’t Know Why” is out now in the UK. Expect another single on the horizon soon!
Buy the single.
More on SoundGirl.

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