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Beyoncé Steps Back In Time With The Original Version Of “Best Thing I Ever Had”

I found “Best Thing I Ever Had”, second single off Beyoncé’s “4”, to be a reliably good, if a bit MOR ballad from her. That was until I heard the original version, put up online yesterday by one of the songwriters, Patrick “j.Que” Smith. It is labelled as the “’90s Mix”, and oh boy does it live up to that name. It’s an endearing throwback to the R&B radio sound over a decade ago. It really brought out a whole new side of the song, one that is much livelier and brighter. It’s understandable why she and the label didn’t choose to go with this, but I do hope that they will consider including it in the inevitable re-release. I hereby officially declare this to be the superior version.


Beyoncé – Best Thing I Never Had (’90s Mix)


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