Your tears don't shake my world like Britney Spears.

Popforward: New Look

Sometimes great visuals can enhance a song to another level. Such is the case with Canadian/NYC-based duo New Look‘s “The Ballad”. Is it just me or both the song and the video are quite David Lynch-ian? It helps that singer Sarah Ruba looks a bit like Milla Jollovich, too. The stark, clinical beats and synths contrasts against her voice and the lyrics, which are like a gentle, consoling pat on the back, though distant, awash, and weary. I highly recommend watching the video first, as it sets up and maintains the mood suitably.



Their dark, atmospheric synth-pop sound is probably too chilling for July, but it will soundtrack grey days and rainy nights perfectly. An album is due this fall on German label !K7. Hopefully there will be more of the same ilk to come.

The video uses a shorter edit, which keeps the song condensed enough. Personally, I prefer it to the full version, which adds 2 extra minutes.

New Look – The Ballad

MP3: New Look – Numbers

More on New Look.


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