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NEW VIDEO: Yuksek – On A Train

Yuksek happens to be one of those trendy “blog house” acts whose name I saw all the time, but really don’t know that much about. With that said, I recently stumbled upon the music video for the French DJ’s latest single, “On A Train”. It’s a brilliant one with a clever concept, and ace visuals to match. It also reminds me of a certain other train-based video. Songwise, the track’s a pop-oriented French-electro stomper, with an euphoric rollercoaster of a chorus. Seriously, please take a peek below.

That was cool, wasn’t it.

Yuksek is known for his high-profile remixes for people like Lady Gaga, Phoenix, Gossip & M83. His second album, “Living On The Edge Of Time”, will arrive on June 13. This time, I should be paying close attention.

Yuksek – On A Train


On A Train EP is out now digitally (but not in the US just yet).
More on Yuksek.


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