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NEW VIDEO: Nerina Pallot – Put Your Hands Up

I am mad about Nerina Pallot’s “Put Your Hands Up”. Originally intended for Kylie, the song is now the lead single off Nerina’s forthcoming fourth album, “Year of the Wolf”. Her vocals sound effortless as ever, and even though I was not sure about Bernard Butler‘s Northern soul ****** at first, it’s now firmly lodged in my brain. Popjustice was right when they said it’s highly addictive. The music video, premiered yesterday, looks like it wasn’t shot on the sunniest day, but the whimsicality fits the track. I wasn’t fussed about her last album, to be honest, spare the fantastic recluse anthem “I Don’t Want To Go Out”. This time around, color me excited. Watch the video below, and get her take of Kylie’s “Better Than Today” after the jump.



As a bonus, here’s Nerina’s original version of the track she gave to Kylie, “Better Than Today”. It’s a stripped-down acoustic take, available on her 2009 Buckminster Fuller EP.
MP3: Nerina Pallot – Better Than Today


Pre-order the single on iTunes UK. Out 24 April
More on Nerina.

One response

  1. DrewW

    Good call on all parts! Looking to be one of the best of the oh-one-one!

    April 14, 2011 at 7:26 AM

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