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NEW VIDEO: Cocknbullkid – Asthma Attack

Remember that atrocious Little Boots video for “New In Town”? Well, Cocknbullkid‘s video for her latest single “Asthma Attack” is like that, except not shit.

That was directed by Mike Baldwin, who also did Royksopp’s “The Girl And The Robot”. I quite like the blinking wreath she put on at the end. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was to be featured on the album cover.

“Asthma Attack”, a bittersweet love letter to her hometown London, ticked all the right boxes for what I look for in a great pop song. This is the third single in a row of hers that I thoroughly enjoyed. Hattrick! Anita Bay really has a knack for singsong choruses and lush harmonies, and I like the contrast between her warm voice, the uplifting melodies and the slightly cynical and morose quality of her lyrics. I guess she can be a bit hard for the public to grasp, but I’m totally on her team. Her long-awaited debut album “Adulthood” will finally see the light of day on May 23 in the UK. See the video for her previous single “Hold On To Your Misery” after the jump, and download an excellent balearic remix by Lissvik.


Those harmonies at the middle eight are quite dreamy, eh?

Bonus MP3: Cocknbullkid – Hold On To Your Misery (Lissvik Remix V1)


“Asthma Attack” is out now on iTunes UK.
More on Cocknbullkid.

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