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Popforward: Yasmin

It’s not that often I become completely obsessed with a track I haven’t even heard in full yet. Such is the case with Yasmin‘s upcoming single “Finish Line”. I must have been listening to the snippet at least once a day since it was posted on her Youtube account, and it’s not even out until May 8! Every second of the 2-minute-long preview is laden with hooks. The Iranian/British singer’s pop sound is a breath of fresh air, taking inspirations from early 90’s electronica music from the likes of Massive Attack. It’s the right fusion of trippy beats, sweet vocals and addictively catchy melodies. Her debut single, “On My Own”, is a good introduction to her, though it lacks a bit of punch compared to the new one. I had my doubts, as she’s signed to Ministry of Sound, a label more known for its dance compilations, but Example is her labelmate and he had fair success last year, so hopefully, with a great video and good promotion, she too can make the jump to pop stardom. “Finish Line” has “hit” written all over it, and I can hardly wait to hear it in full. Hear the amazing teaser below, and check out a remix from the mighty Freemasons.


Finish Line (Preview):


Yasmin – Finish Line (Freemasons Pegasus Radio Edit)

More on Yasmin.


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