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Covercentric: Serena Ryder Does Jordin Sparks

Canadian singer/songwriter Serena Ryder and her band, The Beauties, have transformed American Idol alumna Jordin Sparks’ hit “No Air” into something that could be straight out of the Twin Peaks soundtrack! Log lady will approve. This interesting low-key reinterpretation was first released on the deluxe edition of her album “Is This OK” in 2009. Now, it will be collected on a limited edition 12″ EP, along with 3 other covers of Band Of Horses (“The Funeral”, on which she sounds like Cat Power), Hank Williams (“Rambling Man”), and Kylie (“Slow” – a rocky take with bassline). Quite an eclectic array of selections there! Her reason for these covers is refreshingly honest, too: to get shows in England. You can stream all the tracks here, or just try her version of “No Air” below.


MP3: Serena Ryder & The Beauties – No Air (Jordin Sparks Cover)

Buy the album.
More on Serena Ryder.

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