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Popforward: Tove Styrke

The latest Pop-Labyrinth-approved Swedish pop export, Tove Styrke, is actually a Swedish Idol 2010 alumna. In many ways, she shares a lot in common with fellow talent-show graduate, X Factor’s Diana Vickers, sans the marmite voice. That her album cover has the same aethestic as Diana’s (black-and-white photo with white text on red) is uncanny! Even though she did not win, Tove was quickly signed, worked with the more “alternative” producers, and released a self-titled debut album in November 2010. Tove looks like a fashion model styled by Alexa Chung, and her voice suits the type of quirky, ’80s-referenced electro-pop well. Her first single, “Million Pieces”, did not woo me, but I reserved judgement and decided to give her album a try. To my surprise, there are some solid pop nuggets here, in the same vein of other Scandinavian pop ladies like Linda Sundblad, Margaret Berger, or Robyn. Some of my favorite tracks are “Chaos”, “Stalker In Your Speaker”, “Walking My Daydream”, and “White Light Moment” (kind of her Robyn moment). It looks like she’s on a fast track to success in her home country, and let’s hope the rest of the world will soon catch on. Below, you can hear “Four Elements”, a lovely, instantly likeable album track with a chorus consisting only of na-na’s. It sways along elegantly but is addictively catchy.


MP3: Tove Styrke – Four Elements

She still hasn’t done a proper music video yet, but here’s a nice viral teaser for “Chaos”.

Find out more about Tove, or stream the whole album at mflow. And if you’re on there, follow me!

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  1. I’m proud of Sweden for embracing Tove Styrke 🙂

    November 28, 2012 at 6:45 AM

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