Your tears don't shake my world like Britney Spears.

Lykke Li Remixed by Dave Sitek

I’ve been pretty obsessed with wicked popstrel Lykke Li‘s new single, “I Follow Rivers”. It’s a brilliant piece of hippie pop with simple but hypnotic hooks and vaguely occult lyrics. Plus, bongos and handclaps are always a winning combo. Now Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio/Maximum Balloon has reworked the track and added some trumpets! As far as remixes go, this one is really fun. I’ve already got the video treatment planned out in my head. She should be leading an army of dancing Lis, Pied Piper style, to an actual river – literal gold! I doubt they will shoot it on location, though, considering the weather/budget constraints, so I suppose it will be a studio shoot. She’s a strong visual artist/performer, so I’m sure she will deliver.
I was initially disappointed with the previous free single, “Get Some”, which showcases a new aggressive side of her. I somewhat preferred its b-side, the more introspective, stripped-down “Paris Blue”. “I Follow Rivers” was more of a proper tune and a good direction to head in. Lykke Li is pretty much in a field of her own right now, so I have high hopes for the new album, “Wounded Rhymes”.


MP3: Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (Dave Sitek Remix)
MP3: Lykke Li – Paris Blue (b-side to Get Some)


Check out a recent live performance “I Follow Rivers” on the Live P3 Guld awards show, which sounds more mellow live than I imagined.

Pre-order “Wounded Rhymes”, out late February.
More on Lykke Li.

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