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Covercentric: Mutya Buena’s A Creep

First of all, let’s give a collective sigh for the tragedy that was Mutya Buena‘s solo career. Remember when the prospect of the ex-Sugababe’s solo material seemed so exciting? Then she had to ruin it with a stinker of a debut album that got her dropped, and her stint on Celebrity Big Brother made little impact to revive her career. What rubbed salt in the wound was that her absolutely amazing collaboration with Groove Armada, “Song 4 Mutya”, should have been what her solo materials sounded like – edgy, cool electropop. Anyways, that’s all water under bridge now. I’m just really glad to finally hear something new from her that’s not random mediocre hip-hop/dance collaborations. She’s recently contributed her vocals to “The Sound of Camden” project, singing trip-hop-ish covers of Rolling Stones, Nirvana, U2, Pixies, A Flock Of Seagulls and Radiohead. Even though I find the production a bit uninspired and generic, I realize how much I missed that unique, frosty tone of her voice. Let’s keep rooting for that Sugababes V1 reunion, then… Check out her cover of “Creep” below. For UK folks, the album is out digitally now.


The Sound of Camden feat. Mutya Buena – Creep (Radiohead Cover)

She once sang a beautiful cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”, too.

Buy the album.
More on The Sound of Camden.


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