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Popforward: Fallulah

She’s Danish, she’s kooky, and she makes delightful eclectic pop songs. Fallulah‘s music is like a mix of Jenny Wilson, Lykke Li, and Fever Ray rolled into one. She caught my attention after I saw the beautiful Martin-De-Thurah-directed music video for her new single “Give A Little Love”. The track ticks all the right boxes for me, with its pulsating handclaps, glockenspiels, and spiralling double-choruses. Her debut album, “The Black Cat Neighbourhood”, came out back in February in her home country, where “I Lay My Head” was her previous single. It appears I’m “a bit” behind, then! I’ve looked up her other videos on Youtube, and they’re just as good. She is definitely one to watch out for.

MP3: Fallulah – Give Us A Little Love

More on Fallulah.

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