Your tears don't shake my world like Britney Spears.

Popforward: Clare Maguire

She’s Irish, has that Stevie-Nicks-esque vocal prowess, and big tunes to match. Her debut single, “Ain’t Nobody”, sounds like standing in the middle of windy moors with arms outstretched gripping the air. She’s for sure not afraid of using her lungs to their full capacity. For a song this intense, the Sam-Brown-directed video is suitably epic. It’s so striking and spectacular, like a Storm Thorgerson album cover come to life. It’s quite impressive that the label seems to be pulling all the stops to launch her properly. I bet there are even bigger tunes, just waiting to be unleashed. Watch out for her, she is clearly going after Florence’s epic pie. But seriously, though, watch the video!

There’s also a dubstep Breakage remix of this floating around. Below, you can grab a version of another track, “Strangest Thing”, remixed by  famous production team Bloodshy & Avant.

MP3: Clare Maguire – Strangest Thing (Bloodshy & Avant Version)

“Ain’t Nobody” is out now in the UK. She has been signed in the US, so a release over here is guaranteed.

More on Clare.

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