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Popforward: Mohini Geisweiller

Nowadays, it’s rare for me to discover a video before an artist. However, that’s exactly the case with Mohini Geisweiller, a lady from France with a very distinctively European name. Her video for “Milk Teeth”, directed by Danakil, is an enigmatic, dreamlike, surreal visual experience. It doesn’t hurt that she looks absolutely gorgeous, too. The song is a subtle but beautiful piece of after-hours electronic pop with cold waves of synths and a sinister undertone. Mohini’s soft, hushed, accented vocals adds to the mystic mood. Musically, it reminds me of Goldfrapp’s quieter moments before the “Seventh Tree” era.

I found it quite odd that Mohini’s presence on the Internet is next to nothing. Apparently, she used to be in a band called “Sex in Dallas”, whose sound is more electroclash. Little information about her and this project is available, except that she’s signed to a major label in France, and the song is on an EP of the same name, already released on iTunes. Music this nice doesn’t deserve to go unnoticed. With luck, we’ll get to hear more music of the same vein from her soon.

MP3: Mohini Geisweiller – Milk Teeth

More on Mohini.

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