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Popforward: Lauren Pritchard

It’s funny that the latest talent emerging from the UK, Lauren Pritchard, actually hails from Tennessee. She crossed the pond and signed a record deal with Island Records. I wouldn’t have known it myself, since her music fits right in with the current sound over there. Her first single “Painkillers” captured my attention with her powerful, soulful vocals. She delivered the rather dark lyrics with such conviction I couldn’t help but think she too might have battled some nasty demons in the past. That it reminds me of Adele is no coincidence, I guess, as she co-wrote the track with none other than Eg White, the man behind “Chasing Pavements”. There’s also a little bit of Feist, Fiona Apple, and Norah Jones in her. The second single, “Not The Drinking”, is a strong contender for my top favorites this year. It’s an infectious, perky number with a soaring middle eight. Lauren looks stunning in the video, which has some pretty impressive choreography. Judging from other tracks I’ve heard, I have reasons to believe her debut album, “Wasted in Jackson”, would make a lovely driving album on a sunny fall morning. If you’re in need of new soulful singer/songwriters, Lauren Pritchard will fill that void nicely. Check out the “Not The Drinking” video, and download the Body Language remix of “Painkillers” after the cut.

MP3: Lauren Pritchard – Painkillers (Body Language Remix)

Pre-order the album “Wasted in Jackson here. It drops October 25 in UK.
More on Lauren Pritchard.

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