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MUSIC VIDEO ROUNDUP: Duffy, Hurts, James Blake, Cocknbullkid & More

It has been an exceptional week for new music videos. So many good ones! Here’s all my picks in one post, so if there’s any you haven’t seen, you’d better catch up!


The warbling pint-sized Welsh lady is back! This video is such a fun watch. Duffy seems to be having a blast and enjoying herself. The song is very catchy, but I can’t fully endorse it yet. I’m afraid the novelty will wear off soon, and I keep expecting the C+C Music Factory man to jump in and scream “Everybody Dance Now”. “Well Well Well” is the lead single off her upcoming sophomore effort “Endlessly”, which I assume will have a fair share of moody ballads, too.



The men went to Iceland to shoot the video, and the trip definitely paid off. I haven’t seen that location since Bjork’s “Who Is It”. Even though the execution could have been better, the video is close to what I imagined, and there’s plenty of pensive zoom-in shots to match the overblown melodrama. I admit I have mixed feelings toward the duo, as I start to wonder whether Hurts is just the new Lighthouse Family of this decade… And is it just me or Theo sounds like David Gray at times? Anyway, there’s a Italoconnection remix of “Better Than Love” that was only released in Italy, and it’s 5 minutes of italo disco perfection that has to be heard. Sally Shapiro fans will like this.

MP3: Hurts – Better Than Love (Italoconnection Remix)



I know this guy can sample r&b songs and make compelling, moody dubstep, but now it turns out he can also play piano and carry a tune! Didn’t see that coming. This Feist cover is really quite good, and it looks like he’s going for a more vocal, mainstream sound on his album. The video is a typical Martin De Thurah affair on a budget. And why does floating fruits look so cool?



What a gorgeous video. It’s a refreshing change from boring, awfully green-screened pop videos. There are a dozen of different set-ups, and she makes that fiery red hair work. It reminds me of the extravagant videos of the ’90s, which is always a good thing. The song’s alright, sure it’s gonna ubiquitous but I’d expect better from someone of her stature.



Breathlessly amazing. She might have questionable taste in accessories (I mean you, “fly” fanny pack), but choreography-wise, she delivers every time. As a successor of Janet and Aaliyah, she’s done them proud. The rollerblade scene was sick, and so was the last bit with the army of Ciara clones. Madly energetic track, but it lacks a real hook to elevate it to the “hit” level.



Wow, this just came out of nowhere. The video’s directed by Jamie Thraves, the same man behind Radiohead’s “Just” video. It’s adorable, with an Inception-like twist! The last time I heard of Cocknbullkid was last year, when she was still Thecocknbullkid, and then nothing materialized. Now all of a sudden, she’s back with her most brilliant song so far. I can’t recall the last time I kept going back to an artist’s Myspace to stream the song. It’s that addictive! I love the vulnerability in her higher register, it brings real emotions to the track, and dare I say, “pulls my heartstrings” a bit. “One Eye Closed” sounds like it could’ve been an amazing Mutya-era Sugababes single, when they were not a  joke. Her sound is hard to pin down, though. It’s leftfield pop, but accessible and melodic. I’m rooting for her big time, hopefully, the album will be full of tracks just as marvellous. Download another new song, called “Cocknbullkid”. It has a pleasantly lovely chorus.

MP3: Cocknbullkid – Cocknbullkid


Also out this week:
The Ting Tings starred in a perfume commercial for Tommy Hilfiger, performing new song “We’re Not The Same”. You can download it for free here. Beware, it’s rubbish though. 😦
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl premiered a nostalgic video for Boy-George-featured single “Somebody To Love Me”. I suppose it will make more sense to those who lived through the ’80s.
Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon released a music video for “Remains”, a track they composed for Dollhouse. It’s a beautiful piano-laden track that reminds me of Trespassers William. This will be featured on the Season 2 DVD as a bonus feature. Kleenex at hands, please.

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  1. Finally New work from Duffy! Thanks for the alert. Her voice and sensibilities make her tunes stand out from the usual .

    October 17, 2010 at 12:20 PM

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