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NEW SINGLE: The Concretes – All Day

Let’s start with an honest confession. I lost track of The Concretes after Victoria Bergsman left the band to pursue a solo career under the “Taken By Trees” moniker. However, with their second album after her departure, “WYWH”, they seem to be doing just fine, with a new, exciting sound, too. Granted, it’s another foray into the ’80s revival, but it feels like a genuine, logical stylistic shift, rather than just bandwagon-jumping. “All Day” is the perfect song to match the mood of a chilly autumn morning. “We’re gonna stay in bed… all day, all day, all day,” sings Milberg. It’s just the right soundtrack for one of those days.


MP3: The Concretes – All Day

Watch the video here.

You can visit their Bandcamp site to download 3 versions of another new song, “Good Evening”, for free.

More on The Concretes.

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